Dr. Qaisar Ali Associates (DQA) is a structural engineering consulting firm located in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The firm has the capability of providing structural & earthquake engineering services through its professional team which is competent enough to undertake any challenging task. Although the Chief Executive of the firm, Dr. Qaisar Ali, has been providing structural and earthquake engineering services for the last twenty five years both at national and international level, he has recently remolded & expanded his consulting firm into DQA in order to cope with the emerging challenges of the construction industry.

A notable trait of DQA design procedure is to maintain a proper coordination with architect over the full course of the development of the project. We at DQA believe that an interdisciplinary coordination between structural and architectural design leads to best possible solutions and a smooth execution of the project. From the initial planning to final structural design, structural and architectural concerns are mutually communicated and a proper balance is sought between the two disciplines.

Safety and soundness together with economy renders a project successful. State-of-the-art rigorous analysis procedures and tools are used to effectively quantify the demands on structural members, which are subsequently used in the proportioning of structural members for safe and economical design in line with the standard codes and practices.

The quality of drawings produced is one of the distinguished features of this firm. Proper sequence is followed in the preparation of structural drawings. A considerable effort is put into drafting the structural drawings with the intent to make it convenient for field execution and bring economy to the project.

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Govt. Higher Secondary School, Akbar Pura, Nowshera
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Bahria Enclave Hospital, Islamabad

Retrofitting of Bahria Enclave Hospital, Islamabad

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Charsadda Model School & College, Charsadda

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